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Providing Integrated Digital Solutions for Precision Agriculture

Our Company

Field Based Remote Sensing

Modern remote sensing technologies offer a level of crop health monitoring not possible in the past for production agriculture. BTS Precision Ag has experience processing data from multiple air platforms and sensor types; having developed and implemented flight planning tools, large volume image storage / management systems and high throughput image processing applications. Image geospatial referencing, stitching, alignment and feature extraction can be performed in a seamless automated system.

Greater Data Complexity

Precision agriculture requires a level of data management and processing not found in most industries due to the large variety, volume and velocity of data required. Inputs include real time remote sensing, in-field sensor networks, weather data, crop management records and soil maps. BTS has over fifteen years of experience developing software and management solutions for large data sets.

Predictive Analytics Models

Faced with the complexity of data needed to drive real world crop management decisions, processing with conventional analysis techniques is not possible. Data sets are often non-linear and have many correlated variables each with low impact. The skillful application of multiple Machine Learning approaches insures accurate and robust predictions to drive real time decision support systems for growers.

For Agriculture, It's More Than Just Big Data

Our Background

BTS is a focused team who have been serving the agricultural community continuously since 2001, with over 100 years of combined experience. We have successfully provided integrated cloud-ready big data software and data management solutions for agriculture, integrated genomics and phenomics data, designed systems for high throughput image processing and utilizing machine learning for predictive analytics. BTS is well positioned to facilitate success for collaborators involved in the development, monitoring and/or management of crops.

Our Solutions Speak for Themselves

A grower has one chance per season to produce a crop. By enabling the realization of precision agriculture, BTS is focused on helping growers minimize risk and maximize productivity.